Alex van der Woerd | Buurauto

Buurauto was founded in 2016 with the aim of making electric shared cars possible in the warm circle. We were looking for people who knew or wanted to get to know each other and to feel the ownership of the shared car together. Electric cars are cleaner than ‘fossil’ cars, but expensive to buy. By sharing the car you get more selective car use, fewer cars on the street that are even cleaner. We started in our own neighborhood. Since 2020 we no longer operate the cars ourselves, and focuses mainly on project management and advice regarding shared mobility. There is still a world to win.

Buurauto is responsible for the shared cars within the Dutch part of the program. This resulted in multiple efforts. First of all, it was pioneering with shared cars in the south of the Netherlands. Electric was the second challenge. Buurauto started in Breda, Tilburg and Eindhoven with cars that are now operated on the MyWheels platform. Efforts are currently made to make electric shared cars succesfull in Limburg. Buurauto is the intermediair within DeeldeZon for the Dutch car-sharing organizations. Buurauto works together with Fluctis for the best DeeldeZon locations.

Many people think that the battery is just completely empty when you need it. While a normal car is parked on average 23 hours a day, a shared car is still standing still for more than 20 hours a day. Because many shared car rides can be planned and reserved in advance, you can easily estimate based on the reserved time how full the battery needs to be to make the next ride. An excellent predictor of car availability for V2G, much better than a private car. The next step is also for the charging station to reserve the shared cars, so that the battery on wheels can be used optimally. Then not only is the shared car a common utility, but also the battery. V2G, many more car-sharing operators should offer that.