Bart Gentens | aug.e

“I always wondered, what if we could change something on earth? Everything is moving so fast, and the energy transition will irremediably change our social behaviors. It is not visible on the surface, but we must modify the way we live, rethinking our interaction with energy. We cannot use it without being aware of its impacts all around us and I believe that the only way to go along is to consume what it´s only needed and intelligently. And I believe that everyone could reach this necessary change in the future by relying on big data and AI technology.”

About Barts presentation

The goal of aug-e is is to make a gas fired power plant obsolete by steering electrified assets such as heat pumps, batteries and electric cars while creating value for the consumer. Vehicle to grid technology is a vital component is this strategy. Bart will take you through how software is enabling this change.