Johan Janse | Zonnova

Johan Janse is co-owner of Zonnova, a company that develops projects at the interface between mobility and energy. Zonnova became the initiator of the DeeldeZon Interreg project, which focuses on making optimal use of the battery on wheels as a carrier of the energy transition. DeeldeZon is also the main organisor of the Battery on Wheels conference.

In addition, Johan is also co-owner of Buurauto, a mobility developer specialized in shared mobility. One of Buurauto’s concepts is Buurauto-Noom, a self-driving shared car that, when stationary, forms the backbone of a neighborhood battery system.

Johans presentation:

At the Battery on Wheels conference Johan and Marc presented the history of DeeldeZon. What have been the leading principles? Which development trajectories have been explored? How can small local ecosystems be achieved through combining electric shared cars, solar roofs and vehicle-to-grid charging stations in such a way that locally sustainably generated energy is stored locally and also consumed locally.

All this based on the idea that in the near future we will have millions of electric cars in the Netherlands and Flanders and therefore also millions of energy storage systems. Together they represent a huge storage potential. A gigantic flexible amount of electrical energy that will help us make our electricity network and our mobility system resilient, redundant and future-proof.

To realise this vision for the future, DeeldeZon started with small applications, such as in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where we show what is already possible.