Robbert Monteban | VER

Robbert Monteban is an independent consultant in the field of sustainable energy and e-mobility. Robbert worked in the European automotive sector (Nissan) for more than 15 years in various positions and also abroad, 6 years in the Aerial Work Platform industry as Marketing Director EAME (JLG) and for other industries. At Nissan Benelux as Energy Service Director he became addicted to the concept of bi-directional charging of electric vehicles and the opportunities related as EV’s became more beneficial to the society as they offer more than mobility and underpin the sustainable energy transition. Since 2 years he is supporting the development and roll-out of charging infrastructure and smart charging solutions in the Netherlands and joined the board of the rapidly growing Association for Electric Drivers (VER) in late 2021.

At the Battery on Wheels conference Robbert talked about both the opportunities of V2X and hurdles to take before implementing the proven V2X-technology it on a larger scale.