Mayk Thewessen | Lightyear

Mayk Thewessen is 27 years old, studied electrical engineering and specialised in power electronics, solar and electricity grids. He is now working for Lightyear as Researcher on V2G and Electricity markets. Currently he is analysing future state of electricity markets where renewable generation can benefit from flexibility services provided by mobility.

About Mayks presentation

Currently Mayk is modeling the merit order dispatch for 2030 under high renewable penetration of offshore wind and rooftop solar. The hourly prices are simulated for a whole year and show large swings due to the intermittency of renewable. Gas and batteries provide energy during shortages setting prices in these hours. Hereby it is simulated how¬†V2G will operate and what it’s behaviour is on electricity prices. With large adoption of EV and large adoption of V2G these will become price setting at moments and thereby altering its own prices. This is done to analyse the potential and determine where Lightyear should focus on during the design and implementation phase.

View Mayks presentation on Issuu.