Naud Loomans | ZenMo

Naud is an expert in modelling sustainable energy systems. After graduating from the Eindhoven University of Technology on a model of renewable energy systems in Brabant Naud has resumed this work as modeler at Zenmo Simulations and PhD Candidate at the innovation sciences department. In both jobs Naud combines a focus on the technological side of smart energy systems with social factors such as behavior and attitude. This has resulted in a wide range of models, from a national energy market to local smart grids. The models help companies, grid operators and (local) governments in creating quantified sustainable energy strategies.

Nauds presentation:

Zenmo simulations and the Technical university of Eindhoven created a model to asses the potential of different forms of smart charging in combination with a local solar roof to reduce local grid congestion. A model was created representing multiple different neighborhoods and the DeelDeZon solution (Shared electric vehicles with V2G and PV). The model shows that smart charging is of critical importance to the diffusion of electric vehicles in residential neighborhoods. Bidirectional charging helps by further reducing grid congestion and curtailment. Shared electric vehicles reduces the total number of vehicles required, and enables predictable charging patterns, resulting in easier manageable V2G potential.