Philippe Vangeel | Avere

With great technology and brilliant people, Philippe Vangeel found his way as Secretary General in one of the fastest changing and growing technologies: e-mobility. 

In electronics by background, Philippe has always worked as a manager in the sector. Strong with 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he brought a practical outlook to the association that enabled it to seize the moment: his vision is to make AVERE a protagonist in the growth of the e-mobility sector. As a result, AVERE’s membership grew significantly in his five years, while the association affirmed itself as the go-to expert for e-mobility in Europe. 

As part of his broader approach, he ensured that the entire e-mobility value chain would get visibility through AVERE. He made it the potential home of every player in the sector, from companies extracting the materials to build EVs to vehicles manufacturers, charging point operators and final consumers.

His native language is Flemish. He is fluent in English and French and is happy to help you in Norwegian and German.

About AVERE:

AVERE – founded in 1978 – is the only European association specifically representing and advocating for electromobility. Throughout its decades of activity, it has built a reputation as a recognised actor promoting sustainable mobility across Europe and the world.

AVERE’s Members consist of National Associations supporting and encouraging the use of Electric Vehicles and electromobility across Europe. We currently have active members in European countries, notably some of the most successful EV countries like Norway, France, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Within these Associations, there are close to 2.600 industry members, ranging from SME’s, OEM’s, and other companies with a commercial interest in electromobility and about 100.000 EV users. Furthermore, AVERE’s network includes Users of Electric vehicles, NGOs, Associations, Interest Groups, Public Institutions, Research & Development Centres, Vehicle and Equipment Manufacturers and other relevant Companies. This network extends beyond Europe into global outreach. 

On top of advocacy, AVERE provides its members with a unique forum for exchanging knowledge, experience, and ideas to stimulate electromobility throughout Europe. In addition, the association engages in European and international projects promoting sustainable transportation across the EU, and it has often joined other global initiatives to support electromobility.