Stephan La Haye | Airqon

Stephan La Haye is specialist in sustainable energy supply in public spaces with a focus on charging infrastructure, event and construction power. Stephan is founder of AirQon and will be joining our suppliers pitch.

The Battery On Wheels Conference will be V2X powered by AirQon.

About Stephans suppliers pitch:

By supplying power from electric cars, AirQon can minimize the number of diesel generators and make the air cleaner.

Festival organizers and electric drivers meet at the AirQon platform. On the basis of a number of parameters and for defined, common, power users per type of event, the organiser can quickly and easily select the correct data for the calculation. The system then calculates the maximum power consumption (peak) and total energy requirement (kWh). Cars equipped with a so-called ChaDeMo plug are suitable to support the event.