Arthur Bennink | Fluctis

Arthur Bennink is owner/director of Fluctis and specialized innovative charging and energy solutions. After his education in business economics and business sciences, Arthur started as a Process Manager at an energy network operator. He fulfilled various roles whereafter he worked for an energy supplier where he became responsible for the sales and operation of the charging station division. Thanks to his knowledge and experience within the various market roles, Arthur is able to see the challenges of these market parties and how to connect them with each other.

About Arthurs presentation:

Fluctis focuses on installation and management of (v2g) charging stations and innovative charging solutions and energy systems; including V2G charging stations. In the DeeldeZon project, Fluctis contributes by making the technical and software link together with other partners from the charging station, the (dis)charging of an EV to the return of energy to buildings and/or the grid.