It’s a wrap!


It was such a great experience to organise our first conference entirely devoted to V2X, Battery on Wheels. We enjoyed this day so much and were excited to see that many, many of you showed up for this afternoon.

Deputy of North-Brabant Anne-Marie Spierings asked us to point our noses in the same direction. We believe our conference helped us to give an extra nudge into a common ground and find the best way for standardisation. The road is long and can be bumpy, but we are on it – and together we can make it free for accelerating towards a future where V2X is completely incorporated into society.

We really would like to thank you for being part of this day. This short aftermovie is for all visitors, speakers and those who couldn’t be there but still wanted to be part of the conclusions of the day.

Registration videos will be released in the following week. Also presentations can be found back on our website in the following week.

Keep in touch,

Team Battery on Wheels

Ps. We would love to here what we could do better and if we should organise another Battery on Wheels. If you have any opinion on one of these, please fill in an anonymous review via the button below.